“The vast majority of affected volumes have now been recovered”

About the Project

About Cloutage:

Cloutage was founded in April 2010 and exists to empower organizations by providing cloud security knowledge and resources so that they may properly assess information security risks. The project aims to document known and reported incidents with cloud services while also providing a one-stop shop for cloud security news and additional resources. For any questions about this site or the data contained within the site, please contact

About Cloutage Systems/Hosting:

We are attempting to implement the Cloutage project using 100% cloud-based services. Our goal is to document our efforts to migrate to the cloud and service levels that we experience. We far, the project utilizes Amazon EC2 for hosting, Amazon EBS for storage, and Intense Debate for comments -- all cloud services.

What We Do:

Every day, project stewards and volunteers scour news feeds, blogs, and other websites looking for information about cloud security and services. We search for multiple types of incidents including vulnerabilities, outages, hacks, automatic update failures and data loss (see here for further descriptions of each category). We then add incidents to the database, mail out the information to our mailing lists, and send the incident or new report out via Twitter. We also aim to provide a central resource for anything security-related as it relates to cloud computing. We provide links to useful resources and have several ways to help people stay up to date with cloud security news.

Why We Do It:

The Open Security Foundation feels that there is a distinct need for tools and information that provide unbiased, high quality data regarding cloud security and services. There are no other open resources available that facilitate research into this subject matter. By providing this sort of resource, we feel we can help accomplish the following:

Who We Are:

Stewards are:

Contact Us:

Email: stewards at
Open Security Foundation
5518 Olde Hartley Way
Glen Allen, VA 23060